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Coworking Helsinki Exhibition
at the REWORK'19

Is it the location, the popcorn or the people that make the perfect Coworking space?


The Coworking Helsinki exhibition, together with selected partners, is building an optimal coworking space to the event to showcase just how the experiential space is done.

Here you can work mid-event, cowork with fellow participants and most of all, experience the optimal coworking space.

The Reviews

Vierailimme Coworking tiloissa parin päivän ajan testaamassa tilojen ja palveluiden toimivuutta, viihtyvyyttä ja ominaisuuksia ja arvostelimme tilat objektiisivesti työntekijäkokemuksen näkökulmasta.  

Lue lisää; 

Lue arvostelut blogissamme & tai kartalla, tai tutustu kriteereihin.


The Review Criteria


The spaces are given a grade from 4 to 10 according to how they fulfill the below mentioned criteria.

9 Critical Elements: Each worth 3 points

Helpful website

Free trial day pass

Accessible via public & private transportation

Basic amenities are easily found

Personal power outlets

Free WiFi

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Meeting rooms

High air quality

9 Important Elements: Each 2 points

Space is easily found

Bike storage/secure bike station

Reception & hosting / Option for tour of the space

Adjustable chair & desk


Natural light



Comfortable noise level

5 Helpful Elements: Each 1 point

Printing & scanning

Presentation technology e.g. screen with HDMI cable


Adjustable heat

Colorful surroundings

The Scale for Grades (4-10)

4: 0-16

5: 17-24

6: 25-31

7: 32-37

8: 38-42

9: 43-46

10: 47-50

Solo Work/Team Work Scale

What kind of work does the space cater to?
The scale is a "colour map" ranging from space suitable for working completely alone to working intensely together. When ever a workspace is lacking areas for any type of work included in our scale, they loose points (max 6 points).

Employee Experience Essay

In the essay we dive deeper into what it's like to work at a given space, the reasons behind the space's grading and draw comparisons between a given space and the general market.

Coworking Helsinki is part of REWORK and is the product of HUB13 Oy.



Ola Sundell

CEO / HUB13 Oy

‭+358 40 549 4755‬