BC Papula Sähkötalo - for the networker, for the introvert and for the normals in between

BC Papula Sähkötalo - for the networker, for the introvert and for the normals in between

Päivitetty: 21o helmi 2019

BC Papula Sähkötalo // Grade: 9

This week’s test started out a little different. It started early in the morning with a relaxing, though high intensity, yoga class. The class was organised by BC Papula, and apparently attending it would be critical to get the full BC Papula Sähkötalo experience. Even though I was tired before the class, after I felt fresh and ready for the day’s challenges. The class took place at their Erottaja location on Ludviginkatu, not the coworking space in question, quite a ways from Kamppi and Papula Sähkötalo. Unfortunately traveling the distance took away part of the freshness achieved with the yoga, though that's easily fixed as Sähkötalo members can stay at the somewhat less ad hoc Erottaja location for the day if they so choose.

Sähkötalo is one of those Helsinki center all-purpose buildings that hold everything from offices to cafés and movie buff shops. So for BC Papula first timers, a logo or a sign of some kind for the coworking space on/around the Sähkötalo front doors would be truly useful. The first signs I saw were inside the building. Now, I know where I’m going and can do without signs, but I doubt many others are as lucky, and signs inside are kind of useless for those still outside.

My first impressions were delightful though somewhat confusing (this seems to be the thing with most all Helsinki coworking spaces).

Papula Sähkötalo is divided into two floors, one on the ground floor, the other higher up. Entrance to BC Papula is via an apparently popular first floor coworking space, where I was lucky enough to find a free seat. I could see some empty meeting rooms as well, but I have to admit, I was rather ignorant as to whether I was allowed to use them for free, or whether there was a system in place to reserve one. This space was an opportune place to plan my work day and have a quick cup of coffee before heading to meetings and get to work.

The other floor inhabited by BC Papula was a mystery, until our friend Saara Niemi, the Community Manager at BC Papula Sähkötalo, came by to introduce me to the facilities.

Her guided tour soon led to ‘the other floor’, on the third floor and seemingly BC Papula’s main floor, the entrance to which isn’t in any connection with the first floor space - the building’s general elevators in the building lobby are the secret portal. This layout, put together with the long winding corridors on the third floor, got me a little disoriented. Perhaps that’s only a beginner’s problem; the fellow coworkers I saw here and there looked satisfied enough and seemed to be in their natural habitat.

A thing worth mention I noticed during the tour, was the culture of actively building a community and... well... coworking (it really isn’t very common in coworking spaces). Even though many of the ‘coworkers’ have private offices, they leave their doors open. Sounds like a small thing I know, but I believe it can have a great effect on a coworking community. In a place divided into so many small private rooms, those open doors ensure the place feels more like a collective hive than a network of caves.

How was it actually working here? The first floor coworking space offered a great place to get orientated for the day, but if your work demands concentration I recommend you go upstairs - there you only need to be careful not to destroy others’ peace and quiet. Talking aloud in the coworking space is recommended only in the morning, so if you appreciate harmony in your working space and like to network only outside of office hours, this location meets your wishes.

The long-term members have obviously taken on this place, so despite the small complications a first time visitor may face, I could see those hoops are worth jumping.

BC Papula, Sähkötalo

Kampinkuja 2,

00100 Helsinki

Day Pass: 20 €

Coworking Flex: 150 €/kk

Coworking Fixed (with dedicated desk): 300 €/kk

(all prices excluding VAT)

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