Mesta Coworking, Just Like Home

Mesta Coworking, Just Like Home

Päivitetty: 6o kesä 2019

“You do notice straight away when you step outside of central Helsinki”

“Yep, in who’s on the move and what they’re doing…”

These were our first words stepping out of Herttoniemi metro station, as a drunken guy accosted us on the steps. We’ve had some sour luck with first impressions, and as always, it was all uphill from there.

Mesta Coworking // Grade: 9

Mesta Coworking is not just another coworking space, it’s a suburban remote work location, and marks our transition from testing central hubs towards the fringe spaces of Helsinki. There’s light at the end of our space testing tunnel.

The night before our journey to Eastern Helsinki we received a set of instructions and a code via email. Mesta has an endearing ‘Pindora’ smart lock that opens with a combination of a code and knocking (yes, you knock on the door and the lock opens, it’s too nice). It works like a charm and we’re in.

The first thing you think stepping in is “gramma’s house.” Not because the decor looks old, on the contrary, it’s all according to the latest trends, but because it feels like home. We’re given the grand tour by Mirka Nalimova, Marketing & Concept at Mesta, and she comments their biggest rival out here in the wild east are the potential customers’ homes. They’re determined to win over by making Mesta a home that works better for work. And you can see it in everything: All the chairs are adjustable and most all the tables too, there’s a lot of natural light, there’s colour and comfort, the coffee is delicious and there’s woolly socks for cold feet.

Mesta has done their research and their development as well. Small things that other spaces have ignored are fixed with simple and elegant solutions; Take for example the fridge, which has secure lockers, so your sandwich will only be eaten by you.

That I think goes to the heart of Mesta: it’s a do-it-yourself kind of space but where they also really care about making the DIY part easy and comfortable. The location is extremely easy to reach and it’s right around the corner from Treffi Pub, one of the best lunch restaurants in Helsinki. Mesta has all the coworking space amenities and it’s also a lot cheaper than its counterparts in the city center, since there’s no location premium in the rent.

So how is it working here? It’s so very comforting. This is the place to concentrate on your work, to get things done, without interruptions. Not once did I think to worry about the usual concerns I have. Stuff like being a bit cold, not knowing where to put my stuff or myself, how to access the WiFi, where to go when a call comes through, and so on. This is the key benefit of a small space and an active ‘getting their hands dirty’ kind of owner & operator: they listen, they take note and they fix.

They know their target audience as well and they perfect the product for that group. So no, this place is not for the a Sales Superheroes running around town and in need of a base for their operations, but for the freelancers, entrepreneurs and stay at home parents in eastern Helsinki. Mesta knows it, and goes the extra mile to cater to their needs: the prices are listed with tax included, the space is open 24/7 for members, night/weekend workers get their membership for less, and Mesta is hoping to set up a day care pop up in the future.

Just like home, but works better for work.

Mesta Coworking Herttoniemi

Hiihtomäentie 18, 00810 Helsinki


Päiväpassi: 16 € (sis. alv.)

Päiväpassi x 10: 140 € (sis. alv.)

5 pv/kk: 70 € (sis. alv.)

10 pv/kk: 120 € (sis. alv.)

Iltaisin (klo 16-) ja viikonloppuisin: 120 €/kk (sis. alv.)

Joustava työpiste: 160 €/kk (sis. alv.)

Kiinteätyöpiste + lokero: 260 €/kk (sis. alv.)

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