Work & Life at MOW Mothership

Work & Life at MOW Mothership

Päivitetty: 21o marras 2019

MOW Mothership Reception & Lounge Area

MOW Mothership // Grade: 9

A few weeks ago we tested the second edition of the MOW concept, Stargate, and were left with a few questions regarding their visual identity and space structure. As such I was a little on the fence about my upcoming visit to the original MOW location, Mothership. I was relieved to find the space’s style more nondescript, and physical structure much more flexible.

MOW Mothership is an interesting location with a lot of life around it. The entrance to the building is through a chill little restaurant, Mothership itself starts on the second floor and spans all the way to the fifth. With the space spanning several floors they run the risk of spreading their people and community too thin. As I sit down with Head of Hub Elmeri Kauko, I learn the space has been designed with this risk in mind. Every floor does its best to create a buzz of action and a sense of clarity, mainly by using a repetitive layout and placing the open community spaces at the entrance of each floor.

Solutions to such issues with the space weren't all there on the opening day, though. Mothership is always in a state of development, updating the setup as the community evolves and gathering feedback regularly, Elmeri explains. Great examples of the ”test & develop” concept are a nap room (a comfy little meeting room lit and furnished specifically for naps) and childcare pop up (a meeting room was repurposed for daycare 3 days per week for a time), which were created when the hosts detected a growing need for both.

Such little innovations also demonstrate how much member services, and facilitating both work and life, mean to the Mothership crew. Even on-boarding is done thoroughly over a full week; hosts make sure to introduce you to other relevant members, familiarize you with the service offering and get you settled in.

So what’s the actual employee experience like here? All my basic needs are met and even exceeded at times. Mothership is the first space we test that makes a clear structural distinction between the space where you network at and the space where you concentrate in. The open spaces all have a 'living room' feel to them, with pleasant music playing in the background, while the separate quiet hot desking rooms are sound proof and have a more traditional office setup. The Mothership space and the concept seem to cater best to teams, as the emphasis is more on flexible spaces and services, rather than hot desking and networking. Elmeri mentions they don’t target the space specifically to a certain industry, but their strong emphasis on sustainability - a shared electric car, electricity from wind power and a BREEAM certified building working under the WWF:n Green Office program - certainly draws in similarly minded people.

It's important to remember that no workspace is perfect, and there'll always be features that don't suit you. So instead of being choosy about colour schemes and rating the quality of the coffee, I recommend you forget about the details and choose a space that is truly willing to evolve. That's the kind of space that could come pretty close to answering all your needs in the future. And I have an inkling Mothership might be one of those.

MOW Mothership

Pieni Roobertinkatu 9

00130 Helsinki


Day Pass: 20 €/day

Hot Desk: 250 € + vat/month

Fixed Desk: 350 € + vat/month

Resident: 580 € +vat/month

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