Oodi, Ode to Work

Oodi, Ode to Work

Oodi has a lot of things going for it, whether it’s the architecture, the lighting, the functions or the feel of the place, you choose.

Photo: Oodi Helsinki // Daniel Leiviska

Oodi // Grade: 8

First, the space is awe inspiring, the structure has gotten international attention for good reason. The building is ridiculously big and the first floor is mostly filled with lofty empty space, only strategically peppered with functionalities and furniture. The second floor is another thing entirely: low ceiling, support (or vanity) beams crisscrossing this way and that, and rooms for every use imaginable. The third floor falls somewhere in between the first two. It’s lofty, light and the floor is nicely packed with a variety of bookshelves, seats and workstations. The point here is: at Oodi you really don’t have to settle for just some seat available, you can pick and choose exactly the thing for you.

What struck me was how versatile the space was and how versatile its use was. What I mean is, unlike in other libraries, people just hang out at Oodi. They make their way to the second and third floors, choose their perfect seat, perhaps by the incredibly large windows or cozily between the bookshelves, and just make themselves feel at home.

This ”indoor park” is something Helsinki has been trying to master for quite some time with poor results. The things that seem to set Oodi apart here are, in my opinion, the acoustics (you can speak all you like, the noise doesn’t carry past your friends) and the lofty setup.

”So what’s it like working here?” Oodi is a great place to work at in case you’ve planned your day beforehand. If you like to work at a desk instead of casual armchairs, sofas or stairs, you need to be at Oodi early in the morning; there aren’t that many of those full set up workstations there. I also recommend you charge your laptop at home, so you won’t have to join Oodi’s hunting safari looking for priced power sockets. Oodi offers a bright and comfortable environment for spending time, but you really ought to change seats every now and then to maintain your work ergonomics. Luckily Oodi’s variation in different spaces, seats and meeting rooms makes it possible to both avoid back pain and divide your day based on the nature of your daily tasks.

At Oodi your workday won’t be business as usual. The location in the heart of Helsinki is brilliant, the café’s big cup of coffee is actually as big as I hoped it’d be, and through enormous windows one can view the Finnish weather and other national attractions. Now and then the international tourists and the conversations of other fellow library visitors draws one’s attention; It all makes the day really quite interesting.

Keskuskirjasto Oodi

Töölönlahdenkatu 4 00100 Helsinki

Aukioloajat ma–pe 8–22 la–su 10–20

58 katselukertaa
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