Working Alone, Together // Sofia Future Farm

Working Alone, Together // Sofia Future Farm

Päivitetty: 6o kesä 2019

Sofia Future Farm // Grade: 8

First things first, this location is killer. Sofia Future Farm is not only placed at an absolute key location at Senaatintori, but the building itself is spectacular. It's a wonderful blend of Jugend, Art Deco and modern aesthetics, plus it still retains some of that original Stockmann flare.

Sofia spreads through the whole block, it interlocks with the darling little boutiques flanking it. Once the Christmas Market appears on the square outside, the views from this coworking space will be magical.

Walking in, though, is not quite as magical. The flurry of different "Sofia" signs outside, all around the block, start us off a little rocky. I glimpse an entrance with a "main door" look to it and find my way in. There's no reception but a simple question to the waiters hovering about reveals both the hosts' location over at an unmarked table and that nearly the whole block is part of Sofia Future Farm. I'd be more miffed about the iffy handling of the entrance, but all my attention is drawn to how beautiful the space is.

I've arrived at Sofia in a 'secret shopper' manner, in the hopes I'll see how their on-boarding works. And the welcome is warm, funny and attentive. It does show they've only just opened up the space - the introduction to the space still has a few question marks attached to it, there aren't enough extension cords and power outlets, so there's some competition over wall-side desks, and the kitchen so far is just a sink and a coffee machine. They make up for the lack of refinement with services, which, to be fair, are their whole unique value proposition.

So, do you want to take an instructed power nap after lunch? Would you like to hop over to the Allas Sea Pool sauna and pools with a sweet membership price? How about attending chill afterwork events, with live music n'all, every Friday? Sofia is all over Helsinki - there's movie theaters, restaurants, bars, saunas, event spaces, wellness services and much much more. They're part of Töölö Urban which also holds Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo in Töölö, Jääpuisto at Rautatientori and Allas Sea Pool. Sofia's hosts comment this place is about people that work alone, working together, and servicing both your work day and free time. I do see it, and I have to attest to the power of that power nap.

Sofia is a great place for work of all types, but I wouldn't say it's the place for one remote day here and there. I'd set up semi-permanent shop here. At Sofia you can buy access to a fixed desk for a company, the person using it can change daily. That's a unique value right there.

In a month, or three, I think Sofia might get a higher grade from our objective review too, once the space is finished and all the wrinkles have been smoothed out. I look forward to following their progress, and I'll certainly make a repeat visit later on.

Sofia Future Farm

Sofiankatu 4 C

00170 Helsinki

Day Pass: 20 € (including vat)

Club Membership: 250 € + vat/month

Ateljee Membership: 350 € + vat/month

Resident: 450 € + vat/month

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