Looking for Company at Spaces Bulervardi

Looking for Company at Spaces Bulervardi

Päivitetty: 6o kesä 2019

"Hi, I'm looking for the entrance to Spaces Bulevardi and for the life of me I cannot find it. I know the address, I've been circling the block for about 10 minutes and I'm frozen solid. How do I get in?" Luckily it was uphill from there.

Spaces Bulevardi // Grade: 8

Spaces Bulevardi and I had a rough start, with me not finding my way in. In all fairness, there are no signs in any line of sight, not even next to, or on, the doors. Once finally in, I met with Sara Saarikko, their Area Manager, and was told they'll soon expand from their 6th and 7th floors to the first floor. The window branding and such will appear with the 1st floor location and thus the issue will finally be solved.

As said, the visit was moderate uphill from there. The space is much like its sister at Postitalo, though much emptier and lacking some of the flow. Services and amenities are excellent as always, and the area is pretty stellar. Bulevardi had two things on Postitalo: the elevation and the community.

Business Club here is located on the sixth floor and the elevation has some great effects. There are near nigh noise from the traffic below, and the views are beautiful. It also creates this vibe of having your own space away from the hectic city center, you get perspective.

Though Spaces Bulevardi is still pretty empty, their community is vibrant. I happened to be there when they had their office Christmas party (I suspect my visits are carefully placed by the kind folks at Spaces) and was delighted by the kind and warm atmosphere. The community hosts are good at their jobs, and their subtle but relentless work creating conversation and an engaging mood does not go without reward. The community works, and I could see it working better in the future, as the still tad timid hosts, find their stride.

Working here is effortless, especially as I'm working alone. With a team I might have to look for our spot a bit more, as the Business Club (non resident area) doesn't really tip towards active team spaces. There's 2 meeting rooms, both very nice, but they don't quite tick the box for a brainstorming or workshop session. The space is still in a kind of a blank state, not quite sure what kind of people or work it's for, still missing its identity. I repeat, it's absolutely functional and looks great, it's just not grown up yet.

Testing, analysing and reviewing coworking spaces around Helsinki I get the feeling culture of the community either goes right or wrong from the beginning, it doesn't get fixed with more people later on without redoing the whole thing. There's plenty of potential in Spaces Bulevardi, I'll be keeping a close eye on their progress.

Spaces Bulevardi

Bulevardi 21 (the entrance is through Albertinkatu 25 A),

00101 Helsinki


Day pass: 40 € + vat

Part time Hot Desking: 5 visits/month = 89 € + vat, 10 visits/month 122 € + vat

Business Club (hot desking): starting 197 € + vat/month

Fixed Desk with 24/7 access & own locker: starting 273 € + vat/month

Residence (private office): starting 509 € + vat/month

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