Coworking Helsinki: The Unintentional Private Office: NewCo

Coworking Helsinki: The Unintentional Private Office: NewCo

Päivitetty: 16o loka 2018

Grade: 7

It's exciting to witness real pioneer attitude in municipal services. It's also depressing to see the good work go to waste.

NewCo is a Helsinki City initiative, that offers entrepreneurs all the integral services in one spot. There's weekly free entrepreneurship events, there's business advisory and startup services, on top of which there's both a membership based startup coworking space and a free, open coworking space. We chose to set the scene for our last week's employee experience at the NewCo open space.

The open office space is a perfect rudimental flexible office. It's base is an open space that can be easily divided into three rooms, each fully equipped for three critical purposes: concentration, brainstorming and meetings. Much like the Pasila Library, NewCo is missing all the commercial trappings and concentrates on offering simple functionality. The difference being, at NewCo the purpose is much more finely defined and thus reaches its goals better.

In addition to being a one-stop entrepreneur center, NewCo is a great place to stop by in between meetings, to spend one distance day at or to flee to when you don't want to work from home again but your laptop crashed and the ink in your printer has dried.

The WiFi is strong, there's all the power outlets a person could need, you can easily switch around the space according to your work modes, and you can grab a very affordable coffee from the impossibly Finnish, family run café downstairs. I even got a personal, thorough walk-through of all the services and spaces when I first arrived.

Now this is where it gets unfortunate; There's no one here. I'm alone.

Sure, it's the Friday before autumn holidays and that probably plays into it, but a place like this should never be this empty.

The only reason I can think of, is the connotation of the place. To the general consumer, NewCo is part of the entrepreneur advisory program. Meaning, if they're not looking to get advice, they don't think of the open NewCo space as an option for them. I myself almost didn't go there as I wasn't sure if it was okay. The only information about the space I could find, wasn't even on their website, but a mention in a news article on a different website.

There's the core of the issue; without proper information, you don't have people, be it entrepreneurs, distance workers or freelancers, and without a diverse set of people, the space is just a better equipped, bigger home office. There'll be no meaningful connections, no trading ideas and no sharing war stories with fellow entrepreneurs. To conquer the next level of an awesome employee experience, you need that human connection.

I'll be going back on my reverse distance work days (that's when I take a break from digital nomading and go to a familiar office), to fill up one more seat, and I hope I'll see you guys there as well. Let's add chatter and connections to the lounge, then it'll be a truly fantastic place to work.

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