The Warm but Cold UMA Teurastamo

The Warm but Cold UMA Teurastamo

UMA Teurastamo // Grade: 10

When I was planning my route to our this week’s Coworking Space under Review ‘UMA Teurastamo’, located in north-east Helsinki in Kalasatama, I immediately realized the many public transportation options to choose from. The passing busses, metros, trams and the easy access via private transportation, even free parking in a nearby shopping centre lot, all bring welcome flexibility to a workday. This cross section of transportation is just waiting for people to find their way here and a big, visible ‘UMA’ sign at the top of a high building guides them right to the front door of the brand new UMA coworking space.

My first impression of the space is a little contradictory: The space is filled with a homely and warm spirit by soft lights and textiles, but the coloration is cold in all its shades of blue and grey. The few people I see here are lively and smiling but again on the contrary, the space is almost quiescent. People greet each other and make eye contact, which actually, in our experience, is not a foregone conclusion in a coworking space. The sincerity makes me feel easily welcomed to the community. That is the point Olli Nuutilainen, Community Manager at UMA Teurastamo, highlighted to me as well: everyone is welcome here, there’s no specified target group. The coloration, furniture and the whole of the space is aimed to offer great experiences for people of all types and needs.

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It’s not just the branding that’s suitable for all, they’ve made a point of offering stations for all as well; The variation between different workstations and seats in the coworking area is fantastic. One is free to choose the perfect space based on, for example, their daily task list, mindset or specific desires - they won’t run out of options here. But do people know how to take advantage of all these options? I doubt it. Some seem to have chosen their own slot to work at from day one and changing it would ruin their routine.

So, how was it working here? Existing members and staff seem to be easily approachable; they find a start for a conversation from small things like coffee or after work. Flowing small talk and conversation tend to lead to pleasant networking, even coworking, experiences here. You are free to choose to work amidst people here, as long as you stay down stairs. I hope someday that same lively spirit will spread upstairs as well, but for now we Finns get a little too comfortable in our quiet privacy zones there. It might be intentional though - UMA’s way of offering workspace for both the extrovert and the introvert.

If you’re coming to UMA Teurastamo for networking and building useful relationships, you may need to wait a while, as the brand new space is a tad empty still. But if you’re looking for a calm and versatile space where you can settle down with your own practices and habits before others fill it up with theirs, and if you’re looking for ease and comfort to boost your work, you have found the place to be.

UMA Teurastamo

Lautatarhankatu 10

00580 Helsinki

Day Pass: 31 € (including VAT)

Access Membership: 279 €/month

Access+ (with dedicated desk) Membership: 499 €/month

Team Memberships:

Team S for 2-5 members: 265 €/member/month

Team M for 6-10 members: 251 €/member/month

Team L for 11-15 members: 237 €/member/month

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