Where you need to be, and when

Where you need to be, and when

Päivitetty: 30o loka 2018

It’s hard to imagine it’s only been a month since we let go of our permanent office space and started our coworking space testing bender with the Coworking Helsinki project. In this first month we managed to test seven (!) spaces and produce one amazing REWORK event. The seven spaces were all free of charge, and as we transition to the next month of testing, we transition to paid coworking spaces. To tie up this one hectic month, and ease our way to the next, I’d like to share with you our conclusions from this month's spaces.

To keep our reviews objective, I’ve reviewed the spaces according to critical features and only given you a glimpse to the employee experience with a blog post. For this ”end of the month” celebration I’d like to give you my tips for surfing the free coworking spaces of Helsinki: Which space for which purpose.


For when you need place to take a breath in-between

We all know those work days, or even weeks, when it seems you’re just running from one meeting to another. Though you might be awesomely productive in those meetings, you do have awkward time in-between, where your productivity takes a dive. It’s only logical, after all, there’s no point dropping by the office, when the commute eats up half of the hour you had to spare.

On those days we recommend you stop by at café Roasberg or Helsinki Think Company. They might not offer much in the way of workplace services, or even experience, but what they do offer is simple rules, free WiFi and sustenance. You can grab a quick sandwich while you’re there, to tie you over for the next meeting, and get a few emails in, before you have to run.

These spots often have power outlets that are hard to track down, but that won’t bother you much as you’re on the move again before your batteries run out. Their central locations are convenient for running around the Helsinki city center, and their employee experience, in our experience, is tailor made for stopping by.

For when you have a distance work day every now and then

Isn’t it grand, that most companies now offer the opportunity to do a distance work every now and then. No longer do you have to bother the long commute on Fridays and your weekend gains a whole extra hour! The only downside is, your home is full of distractions and you’re not sure you’ll get anything done.

This is the time to take advantage of your neighborhood café or Kaari Konttori. No need to face the traffic in and out of the city, and you’ll get your weekend groceries shopping done while your at it, as well. The spaces aren’t meant for continuous use, but do offer a nice casual environment for one day of work.

For when you can’t risk getting interrupted

Okay, so you have a report to write, or some intense research to do, but your colleagues keep popping by your desk with random tasks and updates. You need somewhere quiet, somewhere completely without distractions. You need a library.

The capital region offers a host of well stocked libraries that are perfect for deep concentration. They have the basic amenities for digital work, plus all the free knowledge you could wish for. Most of all, the rules of a library are clear and drilled into each and every one of us: You don’t disturb the other people there, not for anything. The spaces are filled with natural light, comfortable furniture, and nooks & crannies to hide in.

For when you need someone else

Your company is stock full of fantastic people, but when it comes to frontiers, to innovation, you might need outside perspectives. You might need someone outside of your box with new networks, but you’re in no need to take up full time residence in an agile coworking culture. We’re very lucky to have an actual free coworking space in Helsinki, which is made for exactly this.

Microsoft Flux is a well stocked beautiful office with a prime location. It’s also where you’ll meet plenty of people from all over what ever industry. There’s startups, there’s mentors, there’s freelancers. And there’s a fantastic set of tools for testing and prototyping. The culture of the space encourages active networking, and as you're not trying to concentrate on anything in particular, distractions in the form of old and new friends are more than welcome.

For when you need help

Starting a new business, becoming an entrepreneur, or just working for a brand new startup, can be the best thing ever… and a little exhausting. So when you need peers, mentors or support in general, you should stop by at Startup Sauna or NewCo Helsinki.

These spaces offer a comfortable office you can easily spend your whole week at and offer either a network of peers, or in the case of NewCo, all the entrepreneurship services you could wish for. They’re locations are a bit cumbersome, as they are a tad hard to reach, but they are the perfect place for starting out your startup: They offer you the support networks you need and they’re free.

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