Work in Progress // MOW Stargate

Work in Progress // MOW Stargate

Päivitetty: 6o kesä 2019

MOW Stargate // Grade: 9

MOW Stargate has a clear cut target group. The community space is, as the picture above shows, styled to the minutest detail. A space with these aesthetics, is bound to attract creative types. The foosball table and popcorn machine speak for a tech & startup crowd, the emphasis on sustainable choices feels rather millenial.

In my conversation with Eevis Ratas, Head of Hub & Community at Stargate, I learn they're demographic does indeed skew towards the creative & tech types. The startup & freelancer group is by no means, though, they're only target. A great number of meeting rooms, of all sizes, added to the flexible hot desk/fixed desk offering, are meant to work as overflow workspace for the corporations housed in their Ruoholahti neighborhood.

The space is versatile and offers all the basic amenities of a coworking space. The hosts make an effort to bring people together with things like a Members' Breakfast once a month. They have a rather nifty event space on the top floor, where members can host events, for free even, under the right circumstances.

The MOW brand is big on sustainability and it does show at Stargate. There's Oatly's vegan milk in the fridge and separate trash bins for recycling waste.

All in all, a rather pleasing space to set up shop or stop by for a day.

When the basics are in check, though, you have to consider the details. That's where things go the slightest bit south for Stargate.

There's no properly quiet zone and no properly loud zone, so the type of work you can do here does somewhat limit to casual solo work and calm team work. The hot desk zone's lights keep turning off (I'm guessing lack of people in the space, and my motionless lonesome work are confusing the lights' motion sensors). The meeting rooms' tech isn't fool proof and my MacBook charger doesn't fit in the desks inlayed power outlets; I'm forced to stick with the desks next to a power outlet pillar. No hot desking for me then.

Stargate for offers excellent kitchens, both a thing for us users to appreciate and a necessity for Stargate's business. This end of Ruoholahti doesn't have much in the way of restaurants and the building's cafeteria is far from attractive.

Though the Stargate concept (versatile, flexible space for small companies, freelancers and mobile corporates) is a well thought out model, I do wonder how they manage to reconcile everyone's needs and desires in this space. Certainly the space itself is very flexible, and I do applaud them for a creative use of their square meters. What leaves me somewhat hesitant, is their strong, and very specific, visual identity. It's cool and looks great, but it is marking the space for a certain type of person - everyone else is left feeling a little bit of an outsider.

This, put together with the very noticeable lack of people in the open areas, I kept asking myself: What's wrong here?

Perhaps it's just that the space is new-ish and the right customers haven't found them yet. Perhaps it all comes together and the community finally forms, once the space fills up. Perhaps.

MOW Stargate

Porkkalankatu 22 A

00180 Helsinki

Day pass: 20 € / Day

Hot Desk membership: 250 € + VAT/month

Fixed Desk membership: 380 € + VAT/month

Resident (own office): 530 € + VAT/month

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